We take ROI personally

Who We Are

Becoming an experimental marketing agency was more an evolution - it is something we became. Every marketing agency in the world has access to the same design software, data analytics tools, and coding languages. So why do most firms fail to produce results? We believe it's largely due to fear. Fear of trying new channels, techniques, ad creative, demographics, sales funnels, etc. That's why we thrive outside the comfort zone - and it's why we created our in-house brands. They become our basis for experimentation, success, and failure. The lessons & results from these experiments are passed directly to our clients. So, if you're seeking a marketing agency that has a hefty stake in your success, welcome to PEAKK.

A Foundation to our madness

The Components


Creating a brand identity with your target audience in mind. Developing a deep emotional connection with an audience is the launchpad for any brand's growth.


A highly skilled team, experienced in full stack web development, custom website development, admin system architecture & deployment, all managed with agile methodologies.

Targeted Content Creation

Ranging from photography, videography, animated gifs, cinematographs, custom illustrations, or engaging slideshows - we've done it all, and we know which avenue produces rapid results.

Analytics & Campaign Management

While storytelling is often reserved for branding, it is often more important while analyzing traffic, lead, and campaign data. We pride ourselves in our ability to interpret data, make assumptions, test, and rapidly scale winning tactics.

Not a traditional marketing firm

Vision & Execution

Make Assumptions

For each new engagement, we start with a clean slate. Our process begins with a detailed market report & SWOT analysis, and ends with a list of tactics, strategies, and audiences.

Test & Deploy

The team develops test cases to confirm or deny our market assumptions. We iterate through this process until we have clear direction. In this phase, the details are in the data!


The purpose of data analytics is to tell a story: Why did we get outcome X, and not outcome Y? By answering this simple question, our team adjusts tactics to achieve the desired result.


This is where the magic happens, and where we have the most fun! When we find the winning tactic, strategy, traffic source, and audience, it's time to scale to maximize revenue, leads, etc.

The crux of our successes

Our Clients

What They Say

Our Guinnea Pig Concepts

Experimental Brands